Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The day after...

So the winter dance wasnt so bad, even though I ended up going by myself. Was a little surprised by how many people showed up, and im still wondering if anyone knows I spiked the punch. Saw some familiar faces and met some new students too. I have to admit though, the contest for king and queen were nothing but a joke. What a let down. But the music was cool, the punch was flowing and I think i even hallucinated a bit because I swear....no seriously, I saw the pillsbury dough boy! Come on guys dont laugh. Anyways the high point of my night was meeting two great new students that I cant wait to hang out with more.. Hey Knee, hey Isaac.... oh not to mention the "STREAKING PART!!!!"
Still with all the classes and partying ...and hot guys, i miss home. I hope Kyline is feeling better. Guys send some love my sister Kys way, I think shes taking my parents split harder than I am. I dont think shes made back to campus for at least a week.
So gymnastics tryouts today, im so tired from last night though, im really considering canceling. After the parties last night, I grabbed a shower...ahem with a friend, and figured i would just rest up for the night, but I just couldnt sleep. The campus was a mess, students were all over the place, so I figured i'd head to the guesthouse my dad had built next to the main house. The way I figure if I catch him early enough in the day I can get him to help me load the gymnastics equipment and drop me off at campus. Well for now...sleep.