Monday, November 12, 2007

Arwens Diaries: Changing Times

Dear Diary

As i look out my dorm room window, the rain drums against the glass like the beating of a drum. The seasons have turned, and summer is but a memory, on the plus side, being British, I'm used to the rain.

Its been just over a month since i arrived at KSU, and a lot has passed. The sorority house and frat house have rushed and the new members chosen.

Classes are starting up, and getting into progress, my favourite being music theory, I'm still hoping for more creative classes to start. which reminds me, i still have my homework to do.

On a personal topic, My girlfriend asked me to marry her and i said yes!, We're hoping for a winter wedding, but planning it is taking a while, so it might be finished by the time we're 90, our carers can push us down the aisle.

Ending with a smile

Arwen Hykova