Monday, March 10, 2008

Busy busy busy

Wow, so lots been happening...just not on campus. I'm guessing that's about to change. Work in the new on campus clinic has been fun, ladies just be careful who you're kissing because something is definitely going around. Just a note to all of you out there to send your warm thoughts Berta's way, shes been having a hard time lately especially recovering from the viscous attack she survived.
Well I hope to see more of you on campus now that break is over!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The day after...

So the winter dance wasnt so bad, even though I ended up going by myself. Was a little surprised by how many people showed up, and im still wondering if anyone knows I spiked the punch. Saw some familiar faces and met some new students too. I have to admit though, the contest for king and queen were nothing but a joke. What a let down. But the music was cool, the punch was flowing and I think i even hallucinated a bit because I seriously, I saw the pillsbury dough boy! Come on guys dont laugh. Anyways the high point of my night was meeting two great new students that I cant wait to hang out with more.. Hey Knee, hey Isaac.... oh not to mention the "STREAKING PART!!!!"
Still with all the classes and partying ...and hot guys, i miss home. I hope Kyline is feeling better. Guys send some love my sister Kys way, I think shes taking my parents split harder than I am. I dont think shes made back to campus for at least a week.
So gymnastics tryouts today, im so tired from last night though, im really considering canceling. After the parties last night, I grabbed a shower...ahem with a friend, and figured i would just rest up for the night, but I just couldnt sleep. The campus was a mess, students were all over the place, so I figured i'd head to the guesthouse my dad had built next to the main house. The way I figure if I catch him early enough in the day I can get him to help me load the gymnastics equipment and drop me off at campus. Well for now...sleep.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Arwens Diaries: Changing Times

Dear Diary

As i look out my dorm room window, the rain drums against the glass like the beating of a drum. The seasons have turned, and summer is but a memory, on the plus side, being British, I'm used to the rain.

Its been just over a month since i arrived at KSU, and a lot has passed. The sorority house and frat house have rushed and the new members chosen.

Classes are starting up, and getting into progress, my favourite being music theory, I'm still hoping for more creative classes to start. which reminds me, i still have my homework to do.

On a personal topic, My girlfriend asked me to marry her and i said yes!, We're hoping for a winter wedding, but planning it is taking a while, so it might be finished by the time we're 90, our carers can push us down the aisle.

Ending with a smile

Arwen Hykova

Monday, November 5, 2007

Haunted: Part 2

As the lights from Kindly State University faded in the distance and my bike picked up speed on the highway, I was headed towards the town of Kindly. Kindly was what they called a one Starbucks town, but its where i called home, at least for the next four years of college.

As was usual with small towns in the southern part of California, the majority of the towns adult population travelled to the city to find work. This often lead to a ghost town effect as the local businesses closed for the night.

I recalled the phone call I'd received from the owner of Club Lust. They had received a anonymous phone call requesting that they contact me with utmost urgency, the caller giving details of a contact point where i was to receive an important package, had then hung up leaving no further details or his or her identity.

Armed with no further details as to who my mysterious caller was or what the package contained, I decided to investigate. They say curiosity killed the cat, but that must have been one unlucky cat.

I decided to make a detour to the club first, Club Lust was located in the bad part of town, though in a town the size of Kindly, the bad part of town was only half a block away from the good part.

I pulled up in the parking lot of the club and got off my bike. The club seemed noisier than was usuall, as I walked up to the entrance of the club, i spotted a poster advertising a battle of the bands event. As the only entertainment in Kindly, Club Lust catered to all ages, apparently it also catered to all music tastes, which was the case tonight.

I pushed open the doors and strode into the club, stopping in fear at what i laid my eyes on. It seems the battle of the bands had attracted all the musicians of the surrounding towns as well as from Kindly itself. the stage was full of bands setting up their equipment, as the first of the bands began to practice, i winced and aimed towards the bar.

At the bar, i ordered a virgin screwdriver and settled myself on a stool, waiting for the bartender to notice me. As i caught his glance, i gave him my "nails down the chalkboard" smile, watching as he paled under my glare. "What do you want?" he asked, "So what can you tell me about the package?" I asked while drumming my fists on the bar.

"Nothing honest!" he stammered nervously. I raised an eyebrow and waited for him to continue "Okay Okay, I'll tell you, but he's going to kill me. A stranger came into the club asking about you, he said he knew you and to pass on a message for him" He stopped suddenly. "And the message was?"

I gave him a withering glare and waited for him to continue. "Fine... He said that there was something you needed to know about the college, and that the package contained all the answers.. that's all i know honest!" I grabbed the bartender by the collar and pulled him close "If i find out you lied to me, you wont have to worry about the stranger" I let go of the collar and watched him scramble backwards out my reach.

I finished my drink and laid a dollar on the bar before standing up and storming out of Club Lust before any more of the bands could begin playing. Back outside,I got back on my bike and sped away from the club, heading towards the pickup point of the package awaiting me.

Lost Souls

Dear Diary

This weekend was quite the event. My girlfriend Carey, proposed to me last night in front of my parents and my family. We're still going to live with my parents when we're not on campus and once we finish college, look to getting our own place.

I'm thinking of a winter wedding, although its not long till christmas, i want to spend our first christmas together in wedded bliss. Carey wants a murderdoll song called Kill the bride as our wedding march song, I can imagine how many grey hairs the ceremony will bestow on my parents.

I'm trying to talk her into signing up for college too, so we can share a dorm room and have classes together, although i'm not sure whether during study periods whether much homework would get done.

I've been so distracted this past weekend that i still dont have my cheer done, or my music homework done, or my sociology homework done. The professors are going to kill me, and theres no way i'm going to be able to join the cheer squad now, but Roberta said she was thinking of starting an ice skating team and asked if i wanted to help, and i said sure, since when i was a kid, i was always on the ice, or on the race track.

I'll write soon as there appears to be something tickling my feet ^_^


Friday, November 2, 2007

Rosie's Diaries: Living the Dream

Well, now I've done it. It's high time I get the opportunity to tryout for cheerleading. We have lived and breathed it for most of our lives and now I'm finally getting my opportunity to further my cheering at Kindly. I'm really nervous and excited about this! And I hope with my application and pictures I'm really showing my best!

Saving a copy of my pictures and application here until I can add it to my scrap book.

Name: Rosie Shark

SL Age: 18

Other clubs at KSU you're a member of:
*none yet! But I hope to join the drama club and one day I'll get my nerve up to pledge Delta!

Why do you want to be a KSU cheerleader?
*Because cheer=LIFE :D Plus, I rock it with the pom poms! I want to make magic happen and be a part of an award-winning team! I see cheer as my way of getting though to all our fellow students... bringing spirit, fun, and passion to those who are bleh. Oh, and helping inspire our athletes to achieve great victories through the cadence of yelling voices and the wearing of short skirts.

Why would you be an asset to our squad?
*I'm dedicated and love anything to do with a team. I may not have the availabilty to be on as much at the right times as other girls, but what I lack in scheduling flexibility, I more than make up for in S-P-U-N-K! :D I've had extensive cheer experience, after convincing my mom at an early age that I didn't want to be a part of the child beauty pageant scene. Four years of cheer at Laguna Beach High School in California polished off my already superb cheer skills and I learned not only to live CHEER, but to love it! I bring my enthusiasm and my skill, as well as my superb balance, my ability to work as part of a team, and my sparkling white smile!

If accepted to the squad you would need to purchase a 500L cheer hud, as well as hair and shoes if you did not have any that met our requirements. Would this be a problem?
*Not at all. Prolly have enough hair that would be sufficient! Haha.

Picture time! We all know cheerleaders gotta be cute so send us your three best photos!

**I'm also sending you a copy of my certificate from Woodward West!

Thank you for your consideration :) I am currently working hard practicing so I will be able to do my best at tryouts!


Arwen Hykova took a deep breath of the night air and exhaled happily. Autumn in Kindly. The air was fresh, the grass was growing - and the fraternity were hunting.

Then again, they never really do stop hunting, do they? Its not like they have game wardens or anything ....

"Now theres a job I'd like to see, " she muttered, turning the corner and walking down a side street. "I'm sorry, frat boy but your permits expired. Oh, yeah gotta remember that line."

The light from the streetlights overhead was barely enough to cut the shadows, but she moved with perfect confidence. Muggers were not high up on Arwen Hykova's list of Things to Worry About.

Top of the list at that precise moment was how she was going to explain to her parents that she'd got yet another F. Arwen knew that she'd studied for that exam, but the knowledge had left her, and now she was paying the price. "Another evening spent with my nose in the books" She sighed turning the corner that lead to the library.

The streets of the campus were deserted, as the student body were all gathered in the main events hall, watching and competing for a place amongst the soccer team. As she passed the arts centre she noticed painting on the wall a graffiti tag belonging to the small time gang at KSU. "Vandals", she cursed under her breath as she rolled her eyes and carried on walking, making a mental note to report it to the administration.

A gust of biting wind hit Arwen as she approached the library, huddling under her jacket , she sighed and wished she could be back home in front of a fire. Lifting her satchel back onto her shoulder she muttered "Just call me study girl"

Arwen pushed open the heavy wooden doors that lead to the library building and walked along the corridor towards the book stacks. A faint sound drifted along the corridor, pushing her shoulders back and regrouping her senses, she approached the source.

As with most libraries, its was usually abandoned, so to find a presence there was unusual. Moving slowly towards the source, being careful not to alert her presence, she spotted a stranger hunched over a pile of books. She hadn't seen him in her part of town before, but she was in need of company, and her spidey senses weren't tingling of danger.

"Are all women on campus as good looking as you" said the stranger with a laughing tone in his voice. "Are all boys pickup lines as bad as yours?" I zinged back. The stranger laughed and introduced himself "Hi, I'm Oz, I'm new to Kindly State, I arrived last night"

"Arwen" I said introducing myself, while sneaking glances at the newcomer. He was cute, if you like the tall dark and handsome type, I'd have to remember to get his number.

"How long have you been at KSU" Oz asked making small talk. "Since the semester started" I replied, before offering to give him the ten cent tour. As we set off on our magical mystery tour, him trying to hide the fact that his gaze kept straying to my butt and me pretending not to notice. We stopped in the campus cafe, with him stopped just before rushing into me. "I wasn't staring at your butt" Oz said before lowering his gaze to the floor. I smirked and made a mental note to buy more skintight jeans.

As we continued our journey, i briefed Oz on the rules of campus life, both socially and in regard to dorm room regulations. My cell phone rang just as we reached Nicolos pizzeria. It was my aunt Shadee, manager of a club just outside of town called Club Lust. She requested my presence urgently.

I sighed before telling Oz that I had to leave, but promising to resume the tour at a later date, before scribbling my number on a piece of paper and passing it to him before sprinting to the car park where my bike was stored. As i sped away from KSU, i wondered what was so urgent that it required me leaving, Mr tall dark and broody so quickly.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Who doesn't love a soccer boy?

So soccer tryouts were today so of course me and the Deltas had to go cheer on our favorite hot sweaty boys (and gorgeous looking sisters that barely broke a sweat!) It was a lot of fun, although Sy was getting seriously stressed. I sympathized, but it seemed like he was being a little rude to the tryouts.

I went to Armidi today and seriously dropped like 2K. I love that store so much and can't wait to wear everything around! Hopefully I can become a customer rep there because I can't keep spending this much money on one store!

Arwens Diaries: Dancing through life

Dear Diary

During the whole of mankind's existence, there has been one thing that has caused wars, healed friendships, and caused black eyes. During the Trojan war, the Greeks hid in one made of wood during the Trojan war...

This item of course are breasts.. Okay, so the Greeks didn't hide inside a giant pair of wooden breasts .. except for in this one movie i saw, but it was 3am, i was flicking through the TV channels and it looked interesting.

Which leads me nicely onto today's topic for my diary, and ties in nicely with the Greeks.

Today had two special events happening, first was Halloween of course, which was fun, i went as a phoenix first, and then transformed into a demon as a later costume.

The second event was the dance team tryouts. The quad was packed with hopefuls, desperately seeking a place amongst the dance squad, and the mating call was deafening in the concrete jungle of KSU. Although places were limited and there were sure to be disappointed faces.

The fraternity boys arrived in their droves, as they prepared to watch over the rising and falling over the silicon seas (and B's and D's), and to drown in their own drool.

I'll write more on the topic of the dance team tryouts, once i gather more facts, and possibility photos.

KSU has hired a new professor, He's teaching music theory and practice. The professors name was Ryu. I'm really happy that campus is finally offering a subject where i can put my heart and soul, and really enjoy.

I'm leaning towards music being my major at KSU, with the possibility of history or metaphysics being my minor.

Professor Ryu, is really great, even with all the disruptions to his class, with all the students turning up late throughout the hour. The music class lasts between two to three hours in total, and we learned a lot.

There were a lot of disruptions to the class, with people turning up late, and the frat guys, and sorority airheads disrupting class, with their "like I'm so bored" attitudes!

Although I'm also guilty of disrupting class, as i spent two hours in a bath of red paint to complete my devils costume.. which i think is going to take about two weeks to come off (.. note to self, if your going to bathe in paint, make sure its body paint, not for walls...)

I also learned that when the professor is trying hard not to laugh at one of my random comments or jokes, he turns a pretty shade of blue. Kinda like a smurf, only cuter and taller.

For next weeks class I'm going to be more prepared and turn up early, since this is one class i don't want to be kicked out of. I also set the professor the task of working out what note timing the snoopy dance has. As well as suggesting that for a Christmas production, we could team up with the dance squad. Music class can play, and we can stick the airheads in snoopy costumes and make them dance.

Arwen Hykova

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Arwens Diaries: The blonde gene

Dear Diary

Today was the day, that the world stood still and all that we knew and believed in, changed forever.. Elephants took to the skies, Monkeys swam the seas... and I signed up to tryout for the cheer leading squad at KSU.

Today is the day my life changes forever, black comes pink, daggers become pom poms, and every other sentence has the word "Like" in it... Although the main reason for me signing up for cheer leading, is because Alex is captain, so it should be fun being part of something that's not dramarific.

Something really interesting happened today though, There is this guy on campus called Perks, who i originally classed to be an egotistical jerk, based on how he acted the first week of college, but we actually had a real conversation, and it turns out that his sister, knows my sister. We were joking about our motorcycles and racing outfits, and he said his outfit was better, but i replied mines on a better model.

Today's Halloween, my favorite holiday of the year, and the whole day on campus will be full of people in costumes, that should allow me around 20 outfit changes, on a normal day, i might only change five or six times.

Health wise, my headaches are still no better, I found myself passed out on my dorm room floor last night, after I'd gone to fetch a notebook for arts class. I'm going to have to see somebody about these if it gets worse or more frequent. Maybe it'll explain why I've been a space case lately though.

I'll write more about my cheer leading tryouts once they happen, since the applications close Friday. although with there only being 10 places, and about 30 people have applied, i don't hold much hope, since if its anything like high school, the populars will get placed.

Signing off with a Rah Rah Rah


Addition to entry: marked 31/10/07

Just recieved word of new classes being offered on campus in music and music theory. Finally something i can get out of college. Time to dust off my guitar, tune my piano and drain my flute, because its showtime!