Friday, October 26, 2007

Rosie's Diaries: What's Happening? What's Going On? What Are You Doing?

Friday night at the dorm, and seems no one's around. Apparently Akasha has run into some financial issues and lost her room. I feel for her. Though it's cramped, we've parked her in our room, and we're hoping we don't get found out. I'm sure there are rules about how many people can share a room.

I spent some time last night showing a couple of new students around. It's always interesting to see things through other people's eyes. Kinda ironic too that I'd be showing others around a place I still feel that I am just getting to know. Not much seems to have changed since highschool when it comes to that clique-mentality, nor to that feeling that you need to always make the right choices when it comes to friends and groups.

It's been great being able to spend time with Aly again. We really were the best of friends when she used to live down the street from me when I was 8. Amazing sometimes that we have remained in touch and good to know that after all this time we can pick up kinda where we were that many years ago and now just get to hang out all the time! I was so sad when she packed up her roller skates and moved away with her family so long ago.

So, I don't know what possessed me... I don't have alot of free time. Between classes, studying, and working, my family has also put the added pressure on me of checking in on my Uncle who lives near school. I guess that's my fault for picking KSU to go to. It's not all bad and I care about my family, but I feel so spread thin and I've only been here a couple weeks! And in addition to all of that, I am now tutoring someone too. I didn't plan on the tutoring gig, but he was nice and really needed help in biology, so I agreed. Problem is that he's a frat boy and I'm not sure how to break this to my friends. I'm sure I'd get ridiculed to no end if Akasha and Jelly found out I had agreed to tutor one of the pretty boys of Kappa. Apparently, we're anti-greek societies... this week.

Well, time to stick my nose in a book for an hour before I head to work!

Arwens Diaries: Dreams revealed

Dear Diary

As you'll recall .. if you were alive, and able to remember things that i've wrote in you..

I had a dream that involved public embaressment,being laughed at, and of being suddenly naked in public.

Well it appears that part of my dream at least came true. KSU held a date auction event this evening, where people stood on the stage, while people bid on them.

Much like the gorean slave trading that I've read about, only with less knuckle dragging and more clothing )... barely.. taking into account this is college we're talking about)

I dont know whether i was posessed, temporarily insane, or just bored. but i decided to place myself in the eye of the public and enter that auction myself.

So the next few hours were spent, washing my hair, removing my makeup, reapplying makeup to give myself rosy cheeks, dyeing and styleing my hair, and picking an outfit .. all typical date stuff .. or so i've been told, since i've never had a date before, thats unknown territory to me.

A friend, suggested an outfit for me to wear, and so i chose my most stunning deep purple shoulderless dress.

The time came for me to leave my dorm room for the auction, and so there i went, dressed in formalwear, when what do i see when i get to the auction, everyone dressed, in denim shorts or jeans, and white t-shirts of varying lengths, coverage and style.

I'm too stubborn for my own good i guess, but i spent well over an hour, a island of purple, awash in a sea of white and blue, i finally decided that i'd had enough, and i'd remembered that i always kept a spare outfit in the saddlebags of my motorbike in case of being caught in the rain. So i slipped out unnoticed, which is easy to do when your miss invisible on campus, and ducked behind a bush to change outfits.

I reappeared five minutes later, wearing a tied shirt that barely covered my assets, and shorts so tiny, that i think the wedgie will be with me until i'm eighty, but damned if i didnt look hot! hot! hot!.

The auction ran into overtime, and it was, that at the end, there was only me left to be sold, money had been spent all night, and the college guys and girls pockets were nearly empty.

I walked up onto the stage, and stood embaressed. The host of the event asked me a question, and i answered it jokingly, which got a few chuckles from the audience, finally she opened the bidding "Who will offer $100 for arwen" .. silence, after what seemed an eternity, someone bid .. then another bid came, finally the bidding ended with the winning bid, or what had seemed like the winning bid, going to the biggest geek, this side of a star trek convention.

The host, said to the grade A, living in his parents basement style nerd "that'll be $1000. please pay" when he decided to laugh and say, sorry, i was only kidding i really dont have the money. the bottom fell out of my heart, and i knew i was going to be the only person left unsold.

Its bad enough to appear invisible, and know nobody, but to have it confirmed by nobody even winning you in a charity auction, would be the final straw, and i'd have flown on the next plane out of kindly, and gone back to England.

But my knight in shining armor, or in this case, my dame in shining armani, seeing as it was a woman, who came to my rescue, bid $600, and i was sold to her, I have to either go on a date with her, or perform a task she sets, but with my gratefullness at not being sent home alone, i aim to do my best to please her.

Okay, its way past my bedtime, and my pens running out of ink, so its time to put a close to this entry.

Arwen Hykova

Thursday, October 25, 2007

JellyBean's Diaries: The Longest Day

Wednesday October 24th 2007

Yesterday I worked what seemed to be the longest day ever since I started my internship with SurfDog Entertainment. Thank goodness I didn't have any classes because I was dragging my ass by the end of the night when I rolled into my room.

Geniffer Cordeaux, the new girl in the hall knew I was going to have a long day & left me a sweet note. It was just what I needed after the day I had. I need to do something sweet for her.

Later in the evening after my quick nap, Rosie came home. So we headed out for some mischief, no I mean... wholesome good funness. After some rollerskating, spoon carrying & randomness, we just walked around.

Turns out my pink VW was stolen from the Samuel Lee Sports and Events Center parking lot. I wasn't too happy. It may not have been the best car, the accelerator cable popped off often & at the worst times but damn it it was mine! The lack of campus police & security is really appalling. Luckily the local off campus authorities were able to locate it on the outskirts of Kindly campus. Doesn't look like anything was missing but it was out of gas. That leads me to believe that someone just wanted a joyride.

Still no Hawks around campus. I'm too nervous to call him. I don't wanna seem like a stalker or desperate hootchie. :/ Oh well, time to hit the sack.

Thursday October 25th, 2007

AV Auction (not just for dates!) Cutest in Denim Jeans and White Tee Contest -L$1000 to each of the cutest guy and girl '90s Pop Trivia -L$25 winnings per question! Come on down to the events center with the landmark! we start at 7 sharp!

I got off work earlier than I had expected today. I immediately decided I wasn't giving into sleep, even though I was pooped. No way! I've already missed enough campus activities and enough sessions with my therapist. I wasn't about to miss tonight's session or any campus hoorahs.

I've been seeing Ms. Cade Crimson for awhile now. Since starting at KSU, it's been more of a commute & I've slacked some on my visits. I've been trying to convince her to move her office closer but she hasn't quite yet. I have lots of issues that she helps me work through and I wouldn't trade her for anything.

After my session I headed straight back to campus for the night's Sports Center fun. Rosie & Aka weren't anywhere to be found. I called Rosie's cell just to get her voicemail. I left a stupid message & tried to call Aka. It just rang & rang. Remembering that Ms. Crimson suggested I be more out-going, I decided to go alone. This is something I normally wouldn't do.

I'm so glad I did though. I arrived just as the date auction was kicking off. I sort of stood there surveying the crowd. I spotted Hawks about the same time he must of spotted me. I smiled & waved, the next thing I knew he was asking me to dance. *swoons* We talked about studies, work, and basic things. The night ended on a perfect note as we went back to our dorm rooms. Separately! Gah! I'm cute but I'm not easy. :p

I hope to see more of him around campus.

*chews on the back of her pen caught in a day dream as she closes her pink diary*

Glad's Diary: The peeper...

I don't feel so hot right now. Probably this percocet they gave me, anyways...
Everyone is asking what happened to my leg. Long story short, I went for my usual jog around campus last night after the movie (well at least what I saw). I always run behind the dorms because its so peaceful and I love being near the water.
Well as I rounded one of the dorms I noticed a movement against the wall.... now mind you im not the biggest girl in the world so I wasn't exactly going to investigate but I wasn't even sure it was a person, I thought maybe stray cat or some leaves moving or something--- yeah im aware thats lame. Turns out it was some pervy guy! You guessed it peeping into one of the dorm windows... I remember it because I noticed its one of the only rooms with blinds. I was kind of shocked so I must have stood there a second, then he saw me and came towards me. I took a few steps back while trying to see if I recognized him. It all happened so fast, next thing I know hes grabbing me and im pulling away. Guess he had a different idea because he shoved me and I ended up falling on my leg in a ditch behind one of the frat houses. We really should get some sort of campus security. Noise from a couple of pledges scared the peeper off...never thought id be so happy to see a couple of pledges streaking in just their shmanties. So anyway the score is thins -my ipod, + broken legg= not a happy camper.

I ended up in the emergency room, in pain, and without drugs for a little while. Eventually after waiting, and xrays im stuck with this ugly cast. Oh yeah there was this cute firemen that was doing a ridealong with the emts, turns out hes a volunteer and in reality hes a professor. He says hes considering being a guess lecturer here at kindly and possibly taking on a staff position. I really hope he does, he was so kind to me and he stuck by my side through almost the whole process!
Three days from my birthday though....some present huh?

Tiana Diary: Getting fed up

Today i went back to school as per my usual when i want to work on my notes on the way there however i saw a student shooting out of a truck! Of course i had to say something, they completely disrespected me. not only that but a half naked student showed up and pretty much told me to fuck off when i asked her to put on some clothes.

i am getting pretty fed up with these immature brats already. the principal asked me if i wanted to limit the people who could enter my class, at first i said no, wanting to give a chance to learn. however after seeing the sociology class, how immature the majority of the school is and now seeing how disrespectful are. i now seriously reconsider my choice. i asked the principal if i could hand pick the student attending my class i might just well do that, theres other place i can teach and i also have other things to do. I'm not going to teach to people who don't want to learn.

Arwens Diary: Dreaming of cotton candy kittens

Dear Diary

I find myself awake in the early hours of the morning, unable to sleep and afraid to close my eyes...

I woke up drenched in sweat and clutching at the covers of my bed in fear, i grabbed a notebook that i'd left by the side of my bed, and wrote down what i could remember of my nightmare before it left my mind as quick as the sands of time.

I dreamt that I was on stage in front of an audience of millions. This was my big break, I was playing Hermia in a stage production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. We were coming up to the part of my big solo, where i sang of my love for Lysander.

I then felt a draft as the wind kicked up and swirled leaves around me like a hurricane of color. The audience burst into laughter and i happen to glance down to see that my costume had dissapeared and i was standing in front of millions, as naked as the day i was born

I was determined to carry on with the play and put on the appearance as if that was simply a part of the play. However when i opened my mouth to begin singing my solo, my voice croaked and i ribbited like a frog, once more the audience roared in laughter, and i exited stage left as fast as my legs could carry me.

Once backstage, i searched high and low for my street clothes, which lead me to a closet hidden in shadow, there i enterted, searching for something to cover my embaressments, when the door slammed shut and the bottom dropped out of the closet, leading me to freefall for what seemed an eternity. I was approaching the bottom when a light covered me and i woke up asleep, safe and sound and fully clothed in my dorm room bed.

I really need to stop eating cheese pizzas before i sleep, and sign up for a course of ten lessons with my psychiatrist... Well i should try getting back to sleep, i have work tommorow, and i want to carry on with the painting that i'm preparing for arts class.

Forever Yours

Arwen Kimberly Hykova

Arwens Diary: The Day Fashion Died

Dear Diary

Its rush week at KSU and the frat guys and Sorority girls are having to perform tasks set by the head dogs of both camps.

Roberta Beauchamp and Killian Klein, head of the sorority and frat houses, have set their pledges tasks to complete. Some of which i managed to catch on film, both men dressing as women and women dressing as men, along with the women having to act obnoxious just like men, except better at the pickup lines.

Meanwhile i've joined the anti frat group, called the Tappas, although it sounds like a food dish, the people are really cool.

I'm out of my depression stage, and i'm beginning to make friends at last.

I'll include some photos of the rush week, once i get time to scrapbook them into my journal.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bells Semyorka: Delta Drag King

Rush week is over half way done and I don't know whether I should be grateful for that or sad. (I guess it's a little of both.) It's been a wonderful experience, despite the embarrassing things I've done. :) Today was Delta Drag King day, so the school was filled with ladies dressed as Gents. We were asked to dress in drag in order to understand what it's like behind the mind of boys . (see there is a point to the madness..... at least thats what I am gonna keep telling myself.)

Finding the right outfit was hard considering: 1) I didn't know the first thing about mens clothing. 2) I had nothing in my closet that would work. Luckily for me, I was able to borrow an outfit from a friend. Once I put on my new threads and looked in the mirror, I couldn't stop laughing. (Mom if you could see your baby daughter now) I knew there was no way any girl would ever date me looking like this, Hell..... I wouldn't even date myself.

Dressing the part was only the beginning. Once in drag we were required to act the part of a Casanova and pick up as many ladies as we could. This is when the real challenge began. I tried to remember every line that has ever been muttered from a guys mouth to a pretty lady ;). I don't really think I did a good job of representing the male form, but I gave it my best shot. It was tough being a guy lots of rejection, definitely an eye opening experience. I have a new appreciation for guys, after all I have walked on the other side.

It's close to midnight, I think its time to hop into bed and rest. Tomorrow is a new day!

Arwens Late Night Entry

Mood: Lonely

Listening to: The sound of silence

Feeling: Invisible

Dear Diary

Finished my late night shift at Nicolos pizzeria, it appears as if people only notice me when I'm behind the counter.

Feeling homesick, and as my parents are out of the country and are unable to be reached, i cant call them to hear their voices. I want to go home, but I don't want to appear a quitter, and the classes sound really fun.

Met a girl at the pizzeria, and later at the library, she appears shy, but really nice, shes pledging a sorority house, but doesnt seem to be the usual nose in the air, hands in a rich guys pockets sort of sociolite. Showed her my portfolio of modeling shots for a laugh, and offered to set up a shoot for her too.

Cant wait for Halloween, as it gives me an excuse to dress up, and i only really feel comfortable when i'm behind a mask.

I'll write more later, when I'm not feeling so down, and i have work early tomorrow so i should get some sleep.

Forever Unknown


JellyBean's Diaries: Gang or Frat House

I've noticed that some people take themselves way to seriously. Life is short and I don't plan on wasting mine. If it ain't fun... run.

So tonight I met the President of the Tappas. He was really funny & blingy... don't worry diary, I called him on it.

You: excuse me Pres, I need to consult my girl on this
Pres: fine fine

Pres peeks in the room

You: psst Glad, is it fun or will we all be drinking suicide juice to join the mother ship in a week?

Glad Kidd: hahaha

He seemed very anti-frat/sorority. I admit I am too. I wouldn't ever pledge because I just don't have time to walk a poodle or get a manicure. No, seriously I'm sure it's not "really" like that. I just don't have time to be a social-butterfly. I have four classes that I am taking, a part-time job & right now it's all I can handle to find a routine that works. Glad assured me that it was a fun group, and I figured that if she thinks so it has to be, though I'm not quite sure if I'll have much free-time for their parties. Oh well, I say. I do what I can.

After Rosie, Aka & I signed up we went out front for a smoke break & were almost instantly greeted by some Kappas. It seemed more like an attack than a friendly hello. One of them called us "sheep" as if we're followers. Coming from one of the members of a frat house, it seemed kind of hypocritical. Or does that make them sheep herders? I have a plethora of other adjectives I'd rather use, but who knows if this diary will be published as a screenplay one day. Haha.

No sign of Hawks on campus today. He may have been at work. You know I never even asked what he does besides school. I left a note on his door after our date, I hope he saw it. If I can't find him tomorrow, I'll try to come up with a reason to call him. :)

Well, I have a long day of work ahead of me tomorrow, so off to lala land I go.

Aly's Diaries: Campus Life

Saturday Oct 20th

My parents dropped me off at the admin building this evening. Of course they wouldn't say so but I think they were thankful to have me out of the house again. I think I was cramping their style when I moved home for the summer after my freshman year of college. I heard mention of running around naked. ?! I'd really rather not think about what they were talking about. Ewww

I never was one for planning. I'm more of a spur of the moment type of gal so I didn't even have living arrangements figured out. I decided to wander around campus, suitcase in hand and check out my new domain. I wouldn't say I was aimlessly wandering but at the same time it wasn't really like I was on a mission either.

I noticed a harvest party taking place and I'm pretty sure there was a costume contest going on. If it wasn't a costume party I'm really scared that maybe I'm attending a college for call girls and over sized walking peckers. I hope that's not the case. If so I may have to withdraw from school.

Jelly must have seen me walking around because before I knew she was to my rescue. I mentioned I felt lost and she immediately made me feel at home by offering for me to crash in her and Rosie's dorm in Red Hall until I could get settled in on my own. Speaking of Rosie...I couldn't wait to see her. It's been too long since we last hung out.

I actually ended up getting my own room. Tiana, whom I just met, and who seems really nice, found a room down the hall. I immediately payed my rent even though it is right across the hall from the RA. Not the best situation to be in but I think I'm sneaky enough to be able to do what I want without having the RA knocking on my door.

I wonder what my roommate is going to be like. I hope we get along OK.

Sunday, Oct 21st

I got up this morning and decided to go to the student store. I bought a fridge with a variety of things to put in it. I think it will be perfect for hiding a beer or two behind everything else in there. I even bought ramen. I think I might die from starvation if it weren't for ramen. I sure do miss moms cooking...... I also purchased a sweatshirt and some pens and pencils. Just enough to get me started.

I went back to my room and was chatting with some friends back home via my laptop when my roommate snuck up on me and about scared me to death. Her name is Seven and although we didn't have much time to talk as I was going out for some coffee and she was unpacking, I think she seemed pretty cool and I think we'll get along fine. Good thing, otherwise Rosie might come home some night and not find one of the three bears in her but but me instead!

After getting my coffee I decided to go to the library and write this journal entry. While I've been here I met a nice lady who is an exchange student from Germany. We talked for awhile and I hope I run into her again sometime. I'm supposed to let her know when the classes start.

Monday, Oct 22nd

I had a long day at work today. When I got home My Rosie invited me to her room. We kicked back and talked for awhile. It was nice to spend some time hanging out. At some point she was craving ice cream so I ran down to my room and brought back what I had in my freezer. About the time Jelly came home an old pal of mine requested my presence off campus so I went to visit him. It was really nice to see him. I spent to much time out running around and now it's past my bedtime. Time for sleep!

Tuesday Oct 23rd

So somewhere along the way I have missed the first days of class. I haven't even signed up for a class yet. I guess I better get my act together or my parents are going to be none too happy. I sure hope this school has night classes. Otherwise I'm screwed. But right now I must nap!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tiana Diary: meeting the students

Today was my second day on campus, there was the italian class this morning but unfortunatly i missed it. It would have given me another chance to observe the students. So i returned to a nice little spot i found on campus, its a nice little cafe, very quiet but quite nice non the less.

i met the young lady that works there, Glad Kidd, she's very nice. she was a bit depressed over her choice of school, feeling like she was still in highschool. I understand her feeling completely! i showed her my program for this year and she seemed very excited, i hope i revived her flame for studying. she also met with a group of girls who were very friendly with her, i hope it will lead to a friendship. Glad really needs someone to hang out with. i really hope it will turn out for the best.

i had a few things to do off campus, when i returned i decided to go check out the classroom i was going to teach in, getting familiar with my work area and all that. i was quite suprise to see jellybean come in and take a seat at a desk. she seems to be very serious about her studies, i like that. i heard quite a growl from her stomach a bit later on, so i invited her over to pizza. she's also very nice, i like her quite a lot, we even talk about her current crush. aaahh it brings out so many memories. ^^

we then parted company and i decided to go back to the cafe. on the way i saw one of those carts the student are using, it was on the sidewalk and seemed stuck. the students where still around but when i asked if everyone was ok they scatered. i have to say i am not impressed. they were all from the fraternity and sorority, up to now i observed that those students are the less serious in the group of students. i hope they will correct their attitude or they will fail my class, i will not tolerate such childish behavior. anyway i wrote their names down so i could remember them, i have my eye on them.

Akasha's Diaries: Tuesday Oct 23

Dear Diary,

My first few days of college, where has the time gone? Just yesterday it seems as though Jelly, Rosie, and I were bitching about having to go to first period at 8 in the morning. Summer was the best and now it's over. Memories that linger in the beautiful parts of my mind. Enough of the blah.. Ok so I haven't gone to class yet.. I know not something that surprises me in the least. Spent most of this time out of state.. Yes I am away from the one I love, but I'm sure it's for the best right? Not going to dwell on it.. I can't afford such things right now.. I have to get into it.. into the studying and the academic achievement.. LOL I know it's funny! But I'm going to try..

Dorm life is alright I suppose. Nothing new really, since my parents died I have pretty much been on my own anyway. My roomy is Glad Kidd.. She seems pretty cool from what I have seen. She's got a great mural on her wall of My home.. So I don't feel so lost right now. I know she didn't do that for me. But it's cool we have something in common even if she doesn't know it.

I have been seeing some familiar faces around here. Doesn't mean I'm happy about it, but I am trying to take things in stride now. Growing up will do that to a girl. I find myself working on different projects a lot, and I haven't even taken a class yet. Go figure that one!

Done right now.. I'll finish when I'm interesting.

Tiana's diaries: Teacher life

Today i arrived at Kindly State University. I'm a bit late compared to the students but my class only starts next week. I was so glad when my program for Visual Arts was accepted, i'm very excited for the year to come.

my program is pretty full, i hope the students wont have to much problems following along, theres also a lot to learn so i hope they will pay attention. I'm a little nervous right now, i went to the sociology class to see how the students behaved, i can't say i was very impressed. I dont know if its the fact that vacation just end or maybe there was a lot of new student coming from highschool but they were quite childish. I did see some students who were interested and contributed to the class so i am filled with hope that everything will go well.

I also love how well the school is running right now, everything seems to go smoothly and that makes me happy.

Arwens Diaries: Sociology 101, the study of pizza

/me sits down at her desk, and opens her diary to a fresh page

Just finished my first class of the college year, Sociology 101, with Professor Lead Tushy.

Arrived late to class, due to playing with my new motorcycle, nearly crashed into a sorority pledge, but one less sociolite, cant be a bad thing.

We discussed what we wanted to get out of the class, and what we thought sociology was, or what it meant to us. Naturally i cracked a few jokes, including one involving the mating rituals of cheerleaders and football players.

I really need to start taking college more seriously, if i get kicked out of school then my parents have threatened to have me shipped off to a convent .. in return i replied that i'd have the nuns pole dancing within the day.

We really didnt learn much of anything this period since everyone was too noisy and the ProfessorLedd Toshi, now forever known as Professor Lead Tushy, had trouble being heard over the noise.

Speaking of which, what is it exactly that causes college professors to dress as if Goodwill had donated half the contents of their wardrobes. I offered to lend him some of my Lingerie, but he declined, which is a pity, since it seems he has nice legs under all that twead.

The next class this week, is beginners Italian, which should be really interesting, i can learn how to curse in Italian. Maybe for our midterm projects in this class, i can hand in a pizza.

I'll start including photos in my next entry into my journal, since i've bought a new camera with the money my parents gave me, which reminds me, i really need to look into if KSU is offering any classes in the arts.

Think i'll end my journal entry here, since i'm late for my shift at Nicolos pizzaria, and the anchovie tries to corrupt the pepperoni if nobody is around to watch it.

Forever Yours

Arwen Kimberly Hykova, soon to be empress of the universe ..

Note to self .. once taken over the universe, ban all items that involve plaid.

Bells Semyorka's Diaries

It's hard to believe that almost a week has passed since college started. It's my freshman year and my first time away from home...ever. I was a little surprised that mom and dad let me go away to college, especially since it's far away. I will admit that I do miss them.... just a tiny bit and believe me, I never thought I would say that.

Since I am missing that "family feeling" I decided to rush a sorority, and just any sorority but the Delta Zomma Omega's. (I always wanted to have sisters) This Week is Rush, and as a Delta pledge I will be participating in events all week long. (I feel as though I am on Cloud 9). Between classes starting and Rush I only hope that I will be able to balance the two.

My first class was today:Introduction to Sociology, Professor:Ledd Toshi. After Professor Toshi gave a brief introduction on himself and sociology, he handed out a small assignment for everyone, What we think sociology is? and What do we want to get out of the class? I prayed that I would not be called on, thankfully I was spared. Some of the students responses were very amusing, but somehow I managed to contain my laughter. I hope tomorrow's class is just as fun. I think its beginners Italian. Lucky for me I have a tutor already, That cute Kappa Pledge Frankie Palliard. He's from Italy.

Monday, October 22, 2007

JellyBean's Diaries: First Class

Introduction to Sociology
Professor Ledd Toshi
Monday @ 5 p.m. SLT
Houghton Tech Lecture Hall

Today was my first official college class. I would love to say that it felt more grown up, more mature, and like it felt as I had assumed it would... but it didn't. Seems that most the students feel they're still in high school. Spit wads? Really? How on earth did you ever get accepted? Everyone wants to be the class clown, I suppose.

Professor Toshi seemed nervous at first but he found himself in a comfy place as class started flowing along & discussions took place. He handled the class very well in my opinion. He also partnered us up by table for an assignment.

Ledd Toshi: I want the two of you to come up with short paragraph defining what you think sociology is, and a second paragraph about what sorts of things you would like to get out of this class.

Luckily for me, I was sitting by a hottie. :p I picked my seat very strategically to be sitting next to HawksRock Gunawan. Turns out he's just as smart as he is cute too. I ran into him after class at the library. He asked me out. I have one word... *swoons*

Arwens Diaries: Animal House Two .. Arwen goes to college

Hi! I'll be your host for this guided tour inside the mind of one Arwen Kimblerly Hykova.

Please hold onto the rails, keep your hands and arms inside the car at all times, and make sure your wills are up to date, this is going to be one wild ride.


This is the first entry into the journal of Arwen Hykova, freshman at Kindly State University.

We arrived at KSU five days ago, my parents dropped me off at campus and sped off in the distance, their voices carrying on the wind shouting "YES!!! we're free"... I think their going to miss me.

I'm an exchange student from England, so college life is strange, but the girls seem cute, and the classes should be fun. On the plus side, i'm sharing a dorm room with my step sister, who was born and raised in america and so is used to this way of life.

I brought the essentials with me from home, my guitar, keyboard, and my "how to torture cheerleaders without leaving visible marks" handbook.

The first five days have passed quickly, and i'm as lonely as on the first day, although i got a job at Nicolo's Pizzaria where i get to meet other students. The nightlife on campus is non-existant, although outside of kindly city limits, there are some fun nightclubs.... note to self, request leather catsuits to be shipped from home...

Well, i'm running out of ink, and the body lying under my desk that i'm using for a footstool is getting restless, so its time to close this journal entry and go do something fun.. world domination is always a fallback, although the americans can keep alabama and kansas.


We're coming to the end of this journey through the mind of Arwen Kimberly Hykova. I hope you enjoyed your trip, and will come back for another ride through the twilight zone ... Same Brat time, Same Brat channel.

Glad's Diaries: The new girl...

So here I am... even though I had to practically beg my parents for permission to live "in dorm".
Things are pretty much what I expected except for one thing....well two things really. For one thing im under the impression that everyone here knows everyone else...except for me, hence the new girl tittle. Now the other thing....Why the hell can I not find a working soda machine?? Don't get me wrong, I love taking walks and I love getting a good workout in but is it really necessary that I leave campus for a for a can of Addict? Well other than that im seriously in love with place. My parents cant wait for the student union to hand out visitors passes because of course they believe their ahem 18 year old baby girl is going to end up disappearing. Right like some student that i dont even know is going to come kidnap me or something.

Sp far all i have to right home is my roommate is not a serial killer, shes actually very nice- "Hi Akasha", and yes mother the bathrooms are clean. Other than that everyone is pretty much cliquey, I don't fit in, I dont know if i'll ever fit in, i haven't gotten my class schedule yet, the library is actually decent, my part time job at darnells saves me from having to beg my parents and there are some pretty hot guys on campus, of course they don't really notice me.

Rosie's Diaries: Homesick

Seems like my first few days at Kindly have flown by in a blur. Which, I guess I should be thankful for. Now that I've had a chance to slow down and take it all in, I'm not sure how 'at home' I feel here yet. It's a far cry from sunny california, and it's lovely to be able to see the seasons changing and feel winter coming on. I know I'm in for much more dramatic weather than I experienced while growing up in the California sunshine.

Although I couldn't make the trip with Jelly and Aka, I'm happy to report that I was able to secure my room to share with Jell. Of course, leave it to Jelly and Aka... they did their part to make me feel welcome upon my arrival with posters plastered on *my* side of the room of Erkel and Screech. Bitches! Paybacks, that's all I'm sayin.

I don't know why I'd describe this feeling as being homesick. What's to miss? My bestest friends ever are here with me! Sure there's no mom and dad, but really,.. YAY for that :D It's just that it's not the same as highschool, and I'm not sure whether or not that's a good thing yet. The girls here all seem so much older. Everyone seems really nice and I look forward to meeting lots of new people. I have worked so hard for the last couple years to save up the money to go away to school, so I'm really looking forward to this year! I still have to work to be able to keep up with everything going on here, which totally sucks! Already I missed the Harvest Festival this weekend. It hasn't been until just now that I've been able to really spend any time with my friends or start unpacking! One thing's for sure! I'm going to need alot more winter clothes! Ooooh, shopping!

JellyBean's Diaries: Fall Fest

The campus was decked out in true fall spirit complete with fliers everywhere. The girls & I knew we had plans off campus prior to hearing about Fall Fest - (Swing on down to Warshington Place and hang out at the 14th Annual Harvest Festival! Grab some fun Fall freebies and pledge a Greek House! Apple Bobbing and FREE BEER!! Visit the kissing booth at 1SLT and help support the Kodiaks!! 25L for a smooch and a souvenir photo!). Aka was going out of town for the weekend to see Peter, Rosie was working long hours, Tiana I'm sure was out sight seeing being new to the area, and as for me... I had some major retail therapy on the horizon.

Most of my day was spent browsing through new releases and window shopping. I arrived back to my dorm late & apparently just in time for the costume party happening outside at the bonfire. It didn't look like Rosie, Aka or Tiana had returned from their day trips, so I threw on my costume & headed over to the festivities.

Once I arrived I realized my costume was pretty damn innocent in comparison with the other girls. Seriously, I should have possibly done a slutty Alice in Wonderland. Hah!

It wasn't too long before a cab pulled up in the distance. Hooray! Tiana was back. She quickly changed & joined me at the party. We stayed long enough to mingle, see the winners of the costume contest & then we both decided that it was already too late to stay up any longer. It was time to give in to sleep so we headed back to our rooms.