Monday, November 5, 2007

Haunted: Part 2

As the lights from Kindly State University faded in the distance and my bike picked up speed on the highway, I was headed towards the town of Kindly. Kindly was what they called a one Starbucks town, but its where i called home, at least for the next four years of college.

As was usual with small towns in the southern part of California, the majority of the towns adult population travelled to the city to find work. This often lead to a ghost town effect as the local businesses closed for the night.

I recalled the phone call I'd received from the owner of Club Lust. They had received a anonymous phone call requesting that they contact me with utmost urgency, the caller giving details of a contact point where i was to receive an important package, had then hung up leaving no further details or his or her identity.

Armed with no further details as to who my mysterious caller was or what the package contained, I decided to investigate. They say curiosity killed the cat, but that must have been one unlucky cat.

I decided to make a detour to the club first, Club Lust was located in the bad part of town, though in a town the size of Kindly, the bad part of town was only half a block away from the good part.

I pulled up in the parking lot of the club and got off my bike. The club seemed noisier than was usuall, as I walked up to the entrance of the club, i spotted a poster advertising a battle of the bands event. As the only entertainment in Kindly, Club Lust catered to all ages, apparently it also catered to all music tastes, which was the case tonight.

I pushed open the doors and strode into the club, stopping in fear at what i laid my eyes on. It seems the battle of the bands had attracted all the musicians of the surrounding towns as well as from Kindly itself. the stage was full of bands setting up their equipment, as the first of the bands began to practice, i winced and aimed towards the bar.

At the bar, i ordered a virgin screwdriver and settled myself on a stool, waiting for the bartender to notice me. As i caught his glance, i gave him my "nails down the chalkboard" smile, watching as he paled under my glare. "What do you want?" he asked, "So what can you tell me about the package?" I asked while drumming my fists on the bar.

"Nothing honest!" he stammered nervously. I raised an eyebrow and waited for him to continue "Okay Okay, I'll tell you, but he's going to kill me. A stranger came into the club asking about you, he said he knew you and to pass on a message for him" He stopped suddenly. "And the message was?"

I gave him a withering glare and waited for him to continue. "Fine... He said that there was something you needed to know about the college, and that the package contained all the answers.. that's all i know honest!" I grabbed the bartender by the collar and pulled him close "If i find out you lied to me, you wont have to worry about the stranger" I let go of the collar and watched him scramble backwards out my reach.

I finished my drink and laid a dollar on the bar before standing up and storming out of Club Lust before any more of the bands could begin playing. Back outside,I got back on my bike and sped away from the club, heading towards the pickup point of the package awaiting me.

Lost Souls

Dear Diary

This weekend was quite the event. My girlfriend Carey, proposed to me last night in front of my parents and my family. We're still going to live with my parents when we're not on campus and once we finish college, look to getting our own place.

I'm thinking of a winter wedding, although its not long till christmas, i want to spend our first christmas together in wedded bliss. Carey wants a murderdoll song called Kill the bride as our wedding march song, I can imagine how many grey hairs the ceremony will bestow on my parents.

I'm trying to talk her into signing up for college too, so we can share a dorm room and have classes together, although i'm not sure whether during study periods whether much homework would get done.

I've been so distracted this past weekend that i still dont have my cheer done, or my music homework done, or my sociology homework done. The professors are going to kill me, and theres no way i'm going to be able to join the cheer squad now, but Roberta said she was thinking of starting an ice skating team and asked if i wanted to help, and i said sure, since when i was a kid, i was always on the ice, or on the race track.

I'll write soon as there appears to be something tickling my feet ^_^